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At Telestar Marketing we specialise in putting our clients in front of highly qualified, exclusively targeted prospects that are genuinely  interested in learning more about your product or service.

We are a B2B inside Sales Company.

We have been growing our client’s businesses for almost a decade. In fact 50% of our business comes from our client’s referrals. During that time we have learnt that every company is diverse but all have a common need to, reach a well defined audience and  generate sales.

Our services include:
  •   Development of the Database and Phone presentation
  •   Cold Calling
  •   Pipeline Development
  •   Lead Generation
  •   Scheduling Appointments with the Decision Makers
 Benefits :
  •   We deliver your product and service offerings as well as the value they present to potential customers.
  •   We intergrate into your existing sales model and offer a seamless presentation that is viewed by your  prospects as a fundamental part of your sales team
  •   We create interest and demand for your product and service by engaging prosepects in conversation,  collecting important information,  uncovering buying signals.
  •   Evaluating their paticular needs, explaining the festures and benefits that differentiate you from your competition.

We are ready to partner with you and help you grow your business today.